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Very professional with the hearing test and they made it affordable. Excellent service after ! Highly recommend their service.

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Don Shaw, on Google

As always, the staff is amazing, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you.

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Kelly Roberts, on Google

Had an issue needing a new receiver and Darcy fixed it during my regular 3 month service that they provide. They do a very nice post purchase service on hearing aids.

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Rodney Sobieski, on Google

Very good service and friendly, I have several friends I encouraged to try them.

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Mara Edelman, on Google

Once I turned 50, I noticed I was having some slight hearing loss. I kept thinking that surely, I am too young to need hearing aids. One day I was scrolling through Facebook online and saw an AD for a free hearing test at Hartland Hearing Care Centers. I called, made an appointment, and met with Dr. Hartwick. Being in the middle of a pandemic, once I arrived at my appointment, I called his staff to let them know I was there, they came out to my vehicle, took my temp, and made sure I wasn’t running fever. Everyone was wearing masks and the office was very clean. My appointment went very well. I felt at ease immediately with Dr. Hartland. He explained my hearing loss in a way that was very easy for me to understand. Then he told me he could help. His office even took care of the insurance part of it for me. When my hearing aids came in, I quickly found out that needing hearing aids doesn’t mean you just order your hearing aids and you’re done. NOPE, it is not like that. I met with Darcie and she taught me how to take care of them, how to put them on, etc. I was not rushed to learn everything in one day. The best part? I can hear again! It feels wonderful to be able to hear again. I can’t believe I waited so long only because my stubborn butt kept thinking I was too young to have hearing loss. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Hartland and Darcie for everything. I highly recommend them to everyone!

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Tarra Pasquier, on Google

Very thorough and informative. Very helpful as you enter into a new experience with hearing aids. Also continue along with you as you grow and experience in your renewed hearing experience.

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Chris Krause, on Google

Always very friendly and the service is done. Quickly! The personnel treat me like I’m part of their family! 08-23-2022: Dr. Rick Hartwick & staff (Wendy & Darcy), have always treated me with professionalism and courtesy! They truly listen to what I have to say and are extremely helpful in assisting me with my hearing! I feel that they are like my extended family because they treat me with such kindness!! I thank them with all my heart!

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Rita Folwell, on Google

This was my 1sy visit to this particular establishment. Received a "free exam" offer through the mail and decided to get a 2nd opinion concerning some hearing problems have been experiencing since the military doctors really do not help out much. Entered facility and was greeted by friendly employees that made me feel welcome and appreciated. Doctor was great and fun to be around. Also doctor explained in greater detail what my hearing problems probably are and confirmed what I have been suspecting for years. Was set up with hearing aid specialist and he covered various types of aids and answered any questions I may have had. Military only even mentioned once that I might need a hearing aid, at least at this facility it was pretty much confirmed. Anyway, had a great experience at this facility and would recommend to anyone. I usually do not rate anything 5-stars but this facility and employees get the extra credit. THANKS!!

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James Bednar, on Google

The staff at Heartland Hearing were very friendly, professional, and thorough. They took all the time that was necessary to explain things in detailed easy to understand language. They made follow calls and txt to see how I was getting along. You get what you pay for as they say, and the quality care and attention is priceless. I am hearing better already!

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Beverly Smith, on Google

My sister Tina has been with Heartland Hearing for 10 years. They treat her with kindness even with her disabilities!!! Darcie is a sweet professional women!!They have quality hearing aids & take care of their clients!! We our happy & wouldn't go any where else!!! Good People & business!!! . My appt today was great! They really care about my sister Tina!! It has been amazing all these years!! Thank you so much! Linda Sorell & Tina Sorell. Thank you again for taking such good care of us every time we come in!!! 10/25/22 We love you Darice Thank you, Linda - Tina

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Li nda Sorell, on Google

The folks at Hartland Hearing are Awesome! They answered all my questions! Rickey even answered some questions I didn't even ask!! He was a blast to work with and eliminated any doubt about where I wanted my hearing and hearing aids taken care of! I would recommend Hartland Hearing 100%..

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Randy Porter, on Google

Best hearing place in the world. Caring people that take good care of your hearing needs. The best thing is they listen to what you have to say and don’t make you feel stupid for asking questions. I can’t stress enough this is the best hearing place in the world. You definitely won’t go wrong with Rick and his caring team.

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Diane Throm, on Google

Hartland Hearing is a wonderful place! Truly treat you like family, not just " another patient". Friendly, caring staff. Definitely the best. I've enjoyed going to them. They helped insurance to pay for my hearing aids. What a life changer, to hear things, others take for granted. Thank you Hartland Hearing!

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Tina Roberts, on Google

Heartland hearing is courteous and helpful and has got a wonderful staff and doctors I have a wonderful experience with heartland hearing I would recommend them to anyone thank you for being so wonderful Joanne Johnson

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Della JoAnn McGinnis, on Google

I love Heartland Hearing. They are always good to me and help me anyway they can. They saved me a lot of money today as they fixed my hearing aid in the office the best they could. If I would of had to send it in it would of cost $200 dollars I didn't have, for a one inch little tiny plastic thing that broke on my hearing aid. I appreciate all they try to do for me and they have good coffee and cookies while you wait and a very nice office lady.

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Linda Cohorst, on Google

Great to deal with. Was able to help without Ana appointment and everyone was very friendly.

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kelly prinkki, on Google

I highly recommend this place. The hearing aids I got are high quality. I take them in every few months for a cleaning and they don’t charge me anything. The staff and the audiologist are very friendly, kind people. Im blessed to have what hearing I have and I just want to thank this center for giving me the ability to hear better.

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Mendy, on Google

Rick is like a surgeon, if he’s seeing you and you have a problem or he sees a problem, he’s going to take care of it then. You’re the one that is important, not his lunch or closing times. He’s made from the “old mold”, he doesn’t quit until everything is good as he can do it.

Carol Durham – Junction City

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the professional service I have received during my evaluation and purchase of hearing aids. When I realized that I had hearing loss, it was hard to admit I needed help. After a trip to Kansas City and not being able to hear my daughter and son-in-law in the front seat of the car, I knew it was time to do something. It takes time to get adjusted but following the steps that you outlined for me made the adjustment very easy. Now I can hear sounds and voices much clearer. You and your office staff have been very helpful and informative when I need assistance. Thanks again for your patience and support in my transition to hearing aids.

Carol Adolph – Manhattan

Guess I was like so many, didn’t believe I needed hearing aids but my daughter Judy made me go try them, wow do you know how much you have been missing. I still like Sunday School and now I can hear everyone. I am so thankful Hartland is here every week now. They have been so good to me. So please try them I know you will be happy as I am.

Marie Cundiff – Junction City

I am dropping you a line to tell you how I like my Audibel aids. I did not know how much I was missing until I got my aids. I can hear things I had forgot about, like trains, birds, rain drops, doors closing and much more. It is great!! Thank you for being there for me.

Dwight Billings – Onaga

It has been an amazing, wondrous change in my life since receiving my new hearing aid. It is almost beyond words. Sounds I had forgotten or could barely hear home into being. Even when I speak I sound softer and clearer. I can also hear sermons and services much better and was thrilled to hear the children choir’s words as they sang. I could go on and on with all of the discoveries I have had and will. It truly is a treasure after years of barely hearing!

Diane Lavis – Manhattan

I came to your clinic and was introduced to (Audibel) devices. I can’t say enough about the difference they have made in my hearing…on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a 12. The old saying “seeing is believing” well, in this case, “hearing is believing.”

Francis W Duncan – Emporia

How can I thank you for giving me back my “ears”? I knew for some time that my hearing was deteriorating. Being a substitute teacher for young children, I was becoming more and more aware of how difficult it was to understand what little voices were telling or urgently asking me. During lunch, I hardly understood a word that was spoken by the teachers and staff around me. The noise level of the children’s voices around us was a “little” loud, but others seemed to be able to intelligently take part in the conversation. I was not. I usually asked questions, but more often than not, just smiled and nodded, hoping my gestures were a sensible response. Having these wonderful hearing devices has made such a difference in my life! I can now participate in conversations and I hear birds, the leaves and the voices of the people that I love, and I hear the little voices of children who need me. It is wonderful! Thank you!

Mary Roeder

I really like my new hearing aids. I have been most pleased even surprised with the hearing aid experience. From my initial phone contact, evaluation appointment and hearing test, receiving my hearing aids, auxiliary equipment over a 5 week period of additional informative check-up appointments I have received the timely and needed assistance from the professional staff and facilities.

In evaluation, these aids are pricey- but with a doubt are well worth every penny! I now understand just how bad my natural hearing was and hope to enjoy these new ones for many future years.

In only several days of use I have come to realize the struggle to hear and/ or cover for my loss of hearing in normal activities of each day had become for me and those I wished to regularly communicate with. I didn’t need much prompting to accept that I was not hearing naturally, was lip-reading and or guessing.

My love of a 3 year old rambunctious granddaughter delivered me to your doors. Her speech, giggling and evolving and discoveries were of the utmost importance to me on a daily basis. NOW I HEAR HER!!!

And I also hear much more; ticking of a clock, shutting of a door, emergency sirens on the road, my car radio above the normal traffic sounds and much much more that had become a dulled background sound.

Having tended on older women in her home many years ago who used an aid to assist her TV viewing- I know some aids worked and some just didn’t provide much assistance, besides if she had used them as she needed to would have cost her a fortune in battery costs. I was helping her because her budget was terribly tight. My hearing aids are so much better and come with a rechargeable system. Financially Magic!!

My family is experiencing a new surge of talking with me as am I in responding to important voices I now hear plainly. I feel like the world’s a good place to be again!

Thanks for the fine service you have provided to me in my personal journey of aging gracefully.

Lonnie E. Johnson