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Wendy Hartwick

Owner, Business Manager

Wendy Hartwick has been Co-Owner and Business Manager of Hartland Hearing Care Centers since its inception. She has worked alongside her husband in their dedication to helping people in the hearing health care field. 

“Nothing brings us more joy than knowing we‘ve made a difference in the lives of the hearing impaired.”

Darcie Hartwick, NBC-HIS

Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, Certified Tinnitus Care Provider

Darcie Hartwick, NBC-HIS, is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and a Certified Tinnitus Care Provider. She grew up in and around the hearing care industry as her parents are Rick & Wendy Hartwick. She started working at Hartland Hearing Care Centers in 2008 as a Patient Care Coordinator, Office Manager and Marketing Director. She has spent the last 11 years learning every aspect of the hearing healthcare business both through attending training seminars several times a year and, after earning her temporary license in 2012, apprenticing under Rick. She earned her permanent license in April of 2013 after passing her state board exams. Darcie is also a member in good standing with the Kansas Hearing Society and the International Hearing Society.

“Growing up in and around the business I quickly became passionate about giving the gift of hearing to those in need. I’m very excited to work in depth with our hearing impaired community.”

Since 1987, we have prided ourselves on applying the age-old principle that the patient always comes first. Today, more than two decades later, the same principle applies. All our offices are staffed with highly-trained, caring hearing professionals committed to providing you with a lifetime of professional service.

Rick Hartwick, NBC-HIS

Owner, CEO

Ricky Hartwick, NBC-HIS, is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. He is a current active member and former board member of the Kansas Hearing Society and a member of the International Hearing Society. Rick has been in the hearing health care profession for more than 32 years, with more than 10,640 “ears of experience”. Rick strives to stay current with the latest technological advances through continuing education which allows him to continue to provide the best care in the industry.

“We have the experience you need, the quality you can trust, and the service you can depend on, because your hearing is our ONLY concern!”

Pleasant experience

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Helen Ramshaw, on Google

Very friendly, great service.

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Stacy Vars, on Google

Excellent service and a referral as well.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Eric Zenk, on Google

Extremely friendly service and knowledge of hearing aids. Very obvious that the patients well being is important and that the hearing devices are a perfect fit for the patient. I highly recommend Heartland Hearing Care Centers to anyone seeking to be tested and fitted for quality hearing aids 💜

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Mary Thompson, on Google

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Janice Rood, on Google

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S W Gunter, on Google

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Debbie Sornoso, on Google

I was one of those reluctant people but necessity prevailed. Thank you Heartland now I can hear The birds chirping downstairs when I wake up in the morning after putting them in here my fan blowing. World of difference hearing the little things in life that seems like were on...

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Jodean, on Google

I absolutely love Heartland hearing. He is friendly and wants the best for his patients.

Reviewer Profile Photo

breyanna baize, on Google

This was a MOST WONDERFUL experience! Darcie treated me with so much kindness and she explained in detail everything that was going to be done, from the reason for my visit, to testing, to results, and to treatment plans and options. Thank you Darcie!

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Darlene Miller, on Google

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Iris Gilbert, on Google

This is a company that cares for their clients. Each person who works here is knowledgeable about hearing and the aides needed to help one hear. I always feel welcomed, that they are happy to see me. Such nice people.

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Carol Glotzbach, on Google

I appreciate your services and support specially during the holiday season ! I’m very much thankful for you all 🤟🏻

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Nichole Lamb, on Google

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Jill Conard, on Google

Very nice visit. Excellent hearing aids available. Prices were out of my ability. Could not afford the system. However, the information provided was excellent. Hearing test was very professional.

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clutch4922, on Google

Excellent patient care! The entire process was well explained by Darcy. She obviously cares about obtaining the best results possible for her patients and proved herself every step of the way! Much appreciated!

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Kimberly Boyda, on Google

Very nice, and informative visit. Looking forward to continuing business with them.

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Vanessa L, on Google

The Hartland Hearing Care Centers is an "exceptional" place to go, if you are uncertain about any hearing loss that you might be experiencing. You will be treated with the utmost care by experienced people who will educate and help you understand about hearing loss, no matter how minor or...

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Char Shropshire, on Google

Hartland gets my strongest recommendation! Very good atmosphere and friendly considerate employees. This place will make hearing aids work for you!

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Maurice Scott Glende, on Google

I had exceptional care at this hearing center. Their personalized approach, and family owned values truly set them apart. The professionalism and expertise of the staff ensured that I was comfortable and well taken care of throughout the entire appointment. What makes this center truly special is their genuine dedication...

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Lacy Rodgers, on Google

Rick provides great ear exams and provides information about hearing aide solutions.

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Dawn Julian, on Google