Lonnie E. Johnson

I really like my new hearing aids. I have been most pleased even surprised with the hearing aid experience. From my initial phone contact, evaluation appointment and hearing test, receiving my hearing aids, auxiliary equipment over a 5 week period of additional informative check-up appointments I have received the timely and needed assistance from the professional staff and facilities.

In evaluation, these aids are pricey- but with a doubt are well worth every penny! I now understand just how bad my natural hearing was and hope to enjoy these new ones for many future years.

In only several days of use I have come to realize the struggle to hear and/ or cover for my loss of hearing in normal activities of each day had become for me and those I wished to regularly communicate with. I didn’t need much prompting to accept that I was not hearing naturally, was lip-reading and or guessing.

My love of a 3 year old rambunctious granddaughter delivered me to your doors. Her speech, giggling and evolving and discoveries were of the utmost importance to me on a daily basis. NOW I HEAR HER!!!

And I also hear much more; ticking of a clock, shutting of a door, emergency sirens on the road, my car radio above the normal traffic sounds and much much more that had become a dulled background sound.

Having tended on older women in her home many years ago who used an aid to assist her TV viewing- I know some aids worked and some just didn’t provide much assistance, besides if she had used them as she needed to would have cost her a fortune in battery costs. I was helping her because her budget was terribly tight. My hearing aids are so much better and come with a rechargeable system. Financially Magic!!

My family is experiencing a new surge of talking with me as am I in responding to important voices I now hear plainly. I feel like the world’s a good place to be again!

Thanks for the fine service you have provided to me in my personal journey of aging gracefully.